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 To or Not To?

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PostSubject: To or Not To?   Tue Jun 01, 2010 5:46 pm

confused about whether or not taking drugs is the right choice for
you is not unusual. Drugs can have both desirable and undesirable
effects, which depends upon the circumstance we use it. Drugs can
lift your mood, relax you or even give you more energy. But always
keep a question in your mind, i.e, its all for how long?

can also have negative impacts on your relationships, your life in
general and your mental and physical health. At first it may appear
to be a form of relaxation, but it will definitely take into a depth
from which you will find it really really hard to recover from.

of everything, itís your choice to decide whether or not taking the
drug is worth it for you. If you are able to find an appropriate
answer, it will serve as a way of Best
ways to quit smoking
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To or Not To?
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