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 Benefits of Calcium and being Lactose Intolerant

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PostSubject: Benefits of Calcium and being Lactose Intolerant   Wed Oct 08, 2008 1:20 am

Calcium is the most abundant mineral that our body needs where 99% of
calcium is stored in the bones teeth with the remaining one per cent
stored in the blood and cellular fluids of a human body. Lactose is a
type of sugar that is naturally found in milk and other dairy products.
If a person is a lactose intolerance it is the inability of a person to
intake dairy products on foods that contains calcium.

lactose intolerant is a condition that doesn’t allow a person to eat or
drink anything containing dairy foods that may cause this person to
experience nausea, diarrhea and experience weaknesses. Even these
things happens a person doesn't need a long term medication
but a resting and drinking water is enough. Unfortunately dairy
products contains more calcium than meat and fruits. Calcium helps in
regulating muscle tones and heartbeat. It helps protein, human hormones
and enzymes on their function especially in a growing child and aging
adult. Calcium prevents our bones from weakening that leads to
deficiencies like Osteoporosis, muscle cramps, bone deformities and
even hypertension.

Proper intake of calcium is important, a
research in US said that a person that intakes excess amount of calcium
may also leads to Osteoporosis. And there are some dairy products out
in the market which are “lactose free” but rich in calcium for people
who has this kind of illness. Still the best thing for us to consult
our doctor.
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Benefits of Calcium and being Lactose Intolerant
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