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 When You Order Drugs With No Prescription

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PostSubject: When You Order Drugs With No Prescription   Tue Sep 16, 2008 5:51 pm

the conveniences and benefits brought about by the Internet today, more
and more people are using it for their everyday chores and tasks.
Through the Internet, we can now buy all our daily necessities and pay
bills. Even medicinal products can now be ordered and purchased via
online transactions.

The Internet is
home to hundreds of drugstore websites that offer pharmaceutical
services to millions of consumers worldwide. These sites are basically
the online counterparts of established local pharmacies in the United
States. Like in local pharmacies, we can order and buy the medicinal
products they need. The only difference is that online pharmacies
deliver the medicines to our doorsteps.
Due to the popularity of online medicine buying,
some consumers and some Internet sellers take advantage of some of the
slips in Internet transactions. Since some drugstore websites can get
away from establishing their websites on the Internet, they sell
medicinal products and supplies to consumers even without securing a
license for legal distribution of drugs or medications via the Internet.

These illegitimate online pharmacies
are not the only ones taking advantage of the lenient transaction rules
on the web. There are some consumers who actually buy from these
unlicensed websites. Since these sites do not require their customers
to present valid prescription notes before placing orders, they can
definitely order drugs with no prescription.

buying medicines in unlicensed pharmacies may be beneficial for some
consumers, this mode of medication buying may expose you in some risks.
Below are some of the risks involved in buying drugs online with no prescription:
- Your health might be at risk.
it is true that those sites that do not require prescriptions from
customers typically give large discounts on their featured medications.
However, there is no way of determining if their offered medications
are of high quality or are not tampered products. With this, there is a
big chance that you'll acquire health complications when using products
that are not high-grade or those that have been tampered with. Instead
of receiving the treatment that you deserve, your health condition only
worsens. - Your personal and financial information may be tampered.
illegitimate online pharmacies do not have the necessary license to
dispense medications to consumers on the Internet, there is a big
chance that the personal and financial information you provided in
these sites are not protected and secured. Notorious websites may use
whatever information you provide in these websites for spamming and
scamming purposes. You might just be shocked to see bills, in which you
are accounted to pay for products or services that you did not ordered
or bought in the first place. - You might not even receive your ordered medication.
adhering to the services of unlicensed online pharmacies, there is also
a good chance that the products you ordered might not be sent to you at
all. This is possible, especially in unlicensed sites that offer
extremely low prices on their medications as well as those that offer
free shipping fee promos. In this case, you will not only receive your
ordered medicinal products, but you will also waste a good amount of
money on purchasing basically nothing.
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PostSubject: Re: When You Order Drugs With No Prescription   Thu Dec 17, 2009 9:57 am

as for me, to buy pills online just means that you don't give extra proffit to pharmaceutical corporations... i always advise to spend some time for the research and to buy cheaper pills...
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When You Order Drugs With No Prescription
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