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 When a Smoker Gets Pregnant?

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PostSubject: When a Smoker Gets Pregnant?   Tue Sep 16, 2008 5:02 pm

the number of American smokers has been steadily decreasing throughout the years. However, data show that the number of women smokers is decreasing much slower compared to their male counterparts. While the sight of women smokers is almost as natural as breathing in this time and place, experts express concern about this phenomena especially since it is women who have to bear children in their wombs.

Studies show that smoking produces adverse effects in the mother and the baby especially if the habit is continued throughout the term of the pregnancy. If you are a smoker who is planning to have a baby in the near future, read on for information on how your habit can affect your pregnancy and your unborn baby.

Below are some questions and positions that may have made you think that quitting smoking is unnecessary even if you do become pregnant.

I know some mothers who smoke while pregnant but they still have healthy babies.

They are lucky their babies are made of stronger stuff. But actually, they are the exemption rather than the rule as studies show that there is a great chance that you may not be able to carry the baby to full-term.

Babies of smoking mothers often have breathing problems upon birth especially if they are born earlier than scheduled. Miscarriages are also common among smoking mothers. The stakes are high so why take the risk of losing your baby just for a chance to puff a cancer stick.

I read somewhere that babies of smokers often have low birth weight. Isn't it easier to deliver a smaller baby?

Low birth weight is often a sign of a malnourished and unhealthy baby. And they are more difficult to deliver since they are prone to stress due to breathing difficulties and other complications. Babies with low birth weight often need to stay longer in the hospital for observation and evaluation since they are prone to having underdeveloped organs ? including vital ones like the lungs, heart, and liver. In some cases, babies with lower birth weight die at birth or do not even reach their first birthday.

I am the one who's smoking, not the baby, so how does it affect him or her?

Good point. Have you noticed that you are also the one who's doing the eating and the drinking but the nutrients still reach your baby? It works the same way with smoking. You may be the one doing all the huffing and puffing but it is your baby who absorbs all of the chemicals from the cigarette. When you smoke, you allow chemicals like nicotine and carbon monoxide to enter the placenta and be delivered to your baby. These poisons keep your unborn baby from getting the food and oxygen needed to grow.

I may gain extra weight if I quit smoking and that will make delivering the baby difficult.

Women need to gain extra weight during their pregnancy in order to support their growing baby. If you stay away from junk food and stick to a healthy diet, you can easily lose the added pounds after delivering your baby. Mothers are also advised to do exercises like brisk walking and stretching to prevent unhealthy pregnancy weight gain so your weight will be kept in check even if you quit smoking.

Take advantage of your pregnancy or planned pregnancy in quitting smoking. Recent research has shown the most women find it easier to quit smoking when they are on the family way since they also have their babies to think about. By quitting smoking, you increase your baby's chances of being born healthy and well.

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When a Smoker Gets Pregnant?
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