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 Search Best rehabs and Treatments for all type of addictions

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PostSubject: Search Best rehabs and Treatments for all type of addictions   Tue Sep 09, 2008 7:56 pm

Search Best rehabs and Treatments for all type of addictions

The twelve step program is prepared for the treatment and helpful in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. The program is for the adolescents and struggling teenagers. The professional counselors, drug rehabilitation centers and other many treatment recovery centers offer the twelve step program of recovery treatment. The drug and alcohol treatment recovery program is basically based on the twelve step methods of program. The program is comprised of twelve steps which provide the sober and abstemious life to the addicted patients and to the troubled teenagers. The program is helpful on recovery from the compulsion, depression and many behavioral problems; it assists in the behavioral modification treatment by the centers. The twelve step program of recovery was developed by the Dr. Bob.

The twelve steps of programs are such as:

1. The first step of the program is to identify the problem. What types of
Problems are caused by the drugs and alcohol in the patientís life? It is first Question arises in the mind of professional in the assessment of the patient.

2. The second step of the program is based on the spirituality and believes that there is a greater power with every individual that will save their life and provides them the wisdom for sober life and can make a difference in good and bad things.

3. The third step of program is also based on the faith of God and tells about the importance of God. It believes that god will save humans life as he is always with us and cares us. It offers the great impact on the patients. God is omnipotent and saves our life from dangers.

4. The fourth step program teaches about to find the causes and conditions of the problem about which the patient is suffering from. It offers the things that provide the life, mind and character relieves. In the fourth step the professional develops the various necessary qualities in the individuals.

5. The fifth step of the program is based on the morality and humanity. The step measured the level and intensity of humility. It teaches the individuals to accept their wrong things that we have done or we are doing. Do not ignore that will be an experience for the upcoming future life. Individuals should not be arrogant. Every one should speak the truth in front of god.

6. The sixth step of the program is based on that god will remove our all the defects of the character but there our self control and self discipline is required. This is the encouraging step for the patients.

7. The seventh principle of the program is that should do the humble request to the god for helping in their problem and removes their shortcomings in the life. This step is helpful in changing the behavior and life approach.

8. The eighth principle of the program teaches that individual should make the list of those people to whom they had harmed. They should make apologize to them and make them friends by the heart with out any jealous.

9. The ninths step of the program teaches that the individual should forget the faults of the past they should amend for that. There should be sympathy in the heart for others.

10. The tenth step of the program teaches about the changing behavior and thinking pattern. Individual should aware from the alcohol and drugs escape from that. Be optimist in the life for netter things.

11. The eleventh step of the program is based on the worship and prayer of the god with the true heart and mind. It step offers the growth in the recovery process and personal growth. it develop the high level of spirituality on god.

12. The twelfth step is the final step of the program that offers the teachings for always spiritual growth, meditation, prayer, maintain the developed skills, acquires new skills and maintain them in the balanced position. Individual should teach these principles to the others.

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Search Best rehabs and Treatments for all type of addictions
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