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 Striving for Balance: Ways to Deal with Manic Depression

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PostSubject: Striving for Balance: Ways to Deal with Manic Depression   Wed Aug 27, 2008 7:21 pm

Striving for Balance: Ways to Deal with Manic Depression

If you have been diagnosed with manic depression or bipolar disorder, youíre probably thinking about how unlucky you are. But did you know that it takes an average of 20 years before a case of bipolar disorder can be correctly diagnosed? As such, a lot of people have to suffer from the symptoms and undergo ineffective treatments without knowing exactly what their problem is. So, if you have been diagnosed this early with this disorder, consider yourself lucky. There are ways you can use to manage your symptoms earlier and more effectively. Hereís how:

Cooperate with your doctor.

Your doctor is your best ally against this disorder. This is not the time to be ashamed of your condition and shy away from treatment. Keep in mind that itís not your fault that you have bipolar disorder. Understand that your doctor is here to help and assist you through this difficult time. He or she can help you understand your condition and equip you with strategies and techniques to manage manic and depressive episodes. Withholding trust from your doctor limits the potential of your treatment.

Keep a journal.

You are your own best observer as long as you are honest with yourself and your doctor. Keep a record of events and activities that precede or succeeded an episode. If your episodes are less predictable like most patients are, it is better to keep a journal of your daily activities. Write everything down including stuff that you think are trivial. An excess of information is better than a lack of it. Writing everything down will make it easier for your doctor to spot patterns in situations that trigger your episodes, whether manic or depressive.

Follow your prescribed medication therapy religiously.

Pharmacology or the use of medication is usually part of most manic depression treatments. If your doctor has prescribed you to use antidepressants or mood stabilizers as part of your treatment, follow his or her prescriptions religiously. This means no dose adjustments, increased frequency of use, or medication changes that are not sanctioned and approved by your doctor. If don't think your present medication is effective, express your concerns to your psychiatrist and he or she will no doubt see to it that your medication is immediately changed.

Push through with psychiatric treatment.

Often, treatment for manic depression will call for counseling or some other type of psychiatric treatment. No matter how tedious or repetitive these sessions might be, push through with your appointments. Your therapist can help you come up with techniques to manage personal and social problems arising from your manic depressive symptoms.

Take the proactive approach.

Instead of relying on your doctor all the time, take a limited but active approach to your treatment. For example, if you are on medication, keep tabs on any side effects you may feel and report these to your doctor. If some of the side effects are too severe, do not hesitate to immediately seek medical attention. If you experience something that you feel is related to your condition like a heightened sense of euphoria over something so simple or increased energy without apparent cause, report these conditions to your doctor. Being an active patient can speed up your treatment and recovery progress.

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Striving for Balance: Ways to Deal with Manic Depression
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