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 Achieving Good Health with Water Exercise

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PostSubject: Achieving Good Health with Water Exercise   Wed Aug 13, 2008 7:32 pm

The benefits of exercise have been well-documented. From improved blood flow to the reduced heart disease risks—being physically active may improve one’s health in a great way. As little as 30 minutes of exercise a day can lead to enormous health benefits. Recent health and fitness studies show that exercise programs do not have to be intense and strenuous to achieve its health benefits. A good example is a new exercise method called aquatic exercise or water workout, an exercise that is considered by many experts as a revolutionary breakthrough in terms of health and fitness.

Water workout is a low-impact activity which means it puts excessive pressure and tension on the bones, muscles, and joints. Elderly individuals and even those who do not know how to swim can still benefit from this form of exercise. Because most water workouts consist of exercises that are done on vertical position. It is mostly recommended to individuals who have joint problems like arthritis and overweight individuals because of its low impact property. Water may also offer natural resistance and since the effects of gravity are reduced in water, stretching exercises that cannot be done on land can be achieved on it. Individuals who engage in this activity also has reduced chances of acquiring injuries that can be developed when exercising on land.

The benefits of water workouts are boundless. Age, physical condition, and fitness levels are not issues in this workout. The elderly who are affected with various conditions and rely on wheelchair can stand in the water with the aid of the water’s buoyancy and flotation belts. In addition to this, water provide less stress on the bodies of pregnant women.

However, like other exercise activities, aquatic exercises should be done properly to prevent injuries and other unwanted conditions that can be developed in it. While water significantly reduces the chances of developing injuries, running and doing other vertical water exercises may cause injuries. That is why water exercise instructors encourage their students to use shoes that provide proper cushioning.

Examples of water exercises may include the following:

· Aerobics. Water aerobics sessions include exercises that includes exercises like dancing, walking, running, jumping jacks, among others. Workout intensity and frequency of the workouts should be gradually increased to achieve optimum effect. A five-minute warm-up and cool-down should also be included in one’s workout routine.

· Deep-water exercise. Deep water exercises provide low-impact workout that has long been used with rehabilitation. Many health professionals and doctors use this program for individuals who want to get a high-intensity athletic workout while preventing overuse injuries.

· Sport-specific workouts. Workouts done on water may add variety to sports conditioning, offer relief in hot weather, and enable training to continue after an injury. In addition, you can isolate certain moves and reinforce them in the water.

Because of the health benefits of water exercise workouts, many gyms are now including it in their health and fitness programs. Individuals who do have access with water exercises classes may refer to books and videos for proper techniques and routines.

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Achieving Good Health with Water Exercise
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