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 The role of Brown Seaweeds for Cancer treatment by Maurice P

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PostSubject: The role of Brown Seaweeds for Cancer treatment by Maurice P   Tue Aug 05, 2008 2:22 pm

What does a brown seaweed have to do with cancer treatment? Quite a lot, as researchers are finding out. This article will explain it's role in cancer treatment, and what that means for you. The Life Cycle of a Cell Normal cells have a lifespan just like people do. Sometimes they die before their time due to injury or blood loss. Otherwise they live their allotted time, then shut themselves off. This is called apoptosis (also known as cell “suicide”). A cell can go through apoptosis early—it’s programmed to do so if its genetic information becomes damaged or altered in some way. Sometimes things go terribly wrong. A cell’s genetic information alters, but the cell doesn’t shut itself off. Instead, it replicates uncontrollably. You have cancer. The Role of the brown seaweed in Apoptosis Researchers are looking for a way to reliably induce apoptosis—to get the cancer cells to shut off like they’re supposed to. This is a complex process. The trick is to get the cancer cells—and only the cancer cells—to shut down. If researchers figure out how to do this, doctors could target cancer cells and kill them before they take over a patient’s body. Fucoidan, a key nutrient in brown seaweed, has caught the attention of a growing number of researchers looking for a way to induce apoptosis. We have to stress here that fucoidan is not a cure—researchers have yet to figure out why some cells fail to die. But fucoidan may be a powerful way to treat cancer once it has developed. Researchers in Japan found that when fucoidan was introduced to cancer cells in a Petri dish, the cancer was destroyed. French scientists reported that fucoidan has anti-tumor capabilities. It can cut off a tumor’s blood supply, preventing further growth.

There are other researchers exploring many different ways to treat cancer once it spreads. Unlike many man-made treatments, the brown seaweed has no known side effects. The fucoidan inside of it is extremely digestible. The Tongans and Japanese have been using the brown seaweed( called Limu Moui by the Tongans) for over 3,000 years. These peoples enjoy a level of health and wellness Westerners with their drugs can only dream about. Researchers will eventually find practical treatment options for cancer. Fucoidan will likely be one of them. Once these treatments pass clinical testing, they will have to go through the slow process of FDA approval. But you can enjoy all the health benefits of this brown seaweed right now. It is widely available through distributors around the world. You may not be able to cure cancer, but you can raise your chances of surviving it. This brown seaweed is not a medicine or a drug. While it can promote wellness, i t is not a cure. Do not use this or any article as a substitute for medical advice. Consult your doctor.
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The role of Brown Seaweeds for Cancer treatment by Maurice P
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