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 What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

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PostSubject: What is Computer Vision Syndrome?   Wed Jul 09, 2008 8:09 am

It is a temporary condition arising from focusing the eyes on a computer monitor for long periods of time, it can cause a complex of vision problems, which include these symptoms:

* Eyestrain
* Blurred vision
* Headache
* Fatigue
* Dry or irritated eyes
* Difficulty re-focusing the eyes
* Neck pain

The primary cause of CVS is a decreased blinking rate while spending long hours focusing on a video display terminal or monitor. 16-20 blinks per minute is normal, but that rate can decrease to 6-8 blinks per minute for people who stare at a computer video display. The reduced blink rate can lead to dry eyes.

The second major contributor to CVS symptoms is the strain on ciliary muscles of the eye that can occur from near focusing effort over a long period of time. This can lead to symptoms of fatigue, red eyes, eye strain, pain in or around the eyes, blurred vision, headache and occasional double vision.

Therapy for Computer Vision Syndrome

* Making a conscious effort to blink occasionally and to look out a window or at some distant object helps to provide rest for the ciliary muscles of the eye.

* A good rule of thumb is 20-20-20. Every 20 minutes focus on something roughly 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Another option is to close the eyes for 20 seconds to provide the muscles of the eyes to rest.
* Reading glasses will make it easier to focus at close distances. Generally the prescription for computer vision reading glasses is +1.0 to +1.5 added to your normal prescription, and if you do not normally wear glasses, then you may be able to purchase +1.0 to +1.5 reading glasses at a drug store and see if they help reduce the eyestrain of using a computer screen.
* Dry eyes can be relieved with artificial tear solutions, which can be purchased at a drug store without a prescription. Adjust your workstation so that there are no drafts blowing on your eyes, which can compound dryness caused by a reduced blink rate.

Remember that Computer Vision Syndrome is a complex of SYMPTOMS, and an examination by an optometrist or opthalmalogist to confirm that the symptoms are not related to another, more serious vision problem or systemic disease.

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What is Computer Vision Syndrome?
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